RFCE Products

Resources for Continuing Education Inc offers the following excellent products:


Plan of Operation for RCFEs

The RFCE plan of operation includes 2017 legal and regulatory updates on medication training and management, staff training, disaster plan, theft and loss, DNR and POLST information, etc., and a 2017 admission agreement!  Plus, 14 items to assist a facility maintaining compliance is included.

Note 1: This fee cannot be refunded if at any time the applicant has a change of mind or does not pursue the application process.

Note 2: The product is shipped free via email. For shipment by mail, add $40.


Part B of Application

Part B is the second part of the RCFE license application process. It is the longest and most detailed portion of the application. This Part B application includes ALL of the DSS-required information, including an approved admission agreement. 


Facility Appeals/Consultation

Upon request, Michael and/or Robin will consult with your facility for just $150.00/hr. For facilities outside of San Diego County a $100 transportation fee is also required. This fee is not refundable, but is charged only after the work is done. To request consultation, please use the "Contact Us" form or call (866) 257-RFCE. (Do not use add to shopping cart).


RCFE Subscription Service

Keep up-to-date with changes in Title 22 and Health and Safety Code for just $49/year.


Compliance Package

Our RCFE compliance package assists facilities keep resident, staff and facility records in compliance with Title 22 and Health and Safety Code. This package consists of our Quick Guide that outlines compliance time frames for reports and documents; our "level of care assessment tool," developed in response to state laws, allows facilities to legally charge clients when their care needs increase; our updated admission agreement that outlines the 5 levels of care the assessment tool uses; how to set up staff files; and how to set up client/resident files; state and federally required postings checklist. Sent by EMAIL only.


RCFE Part A & B Application Preparation

RCFE application preparation. This includes all Part A forms, the plan of operation, dementia plan, hospice waiver, employee training, medication plan of operation, and all information DSS requires.

Note: This fee cannot be refunded if at any time the applicant has a change of mind or does not pursue the application process. The fee is good for two years and can be used for courses or other materials.


RCFE Part A application only

This fee is for the Part A only of the RCFE application. This fee is NOT refundable once work has begun on the application which includes the sending of Part A forms by EMAIL or regular mail.


RCFE Admission Agreement

Order and receive by email only the 2016 RCFE admission agreement that complies with current state laws and regulations.


The Handbook of Issues...an RCFE "defense" manual

If you have ever wondered how to talk with an analyst about the laws and regulations, this administrative manual provides RCFE administrators with over 350 pages of appeals and answers to compliance questions and questionable deficiencies. Free shipping! A Vade - Mecum, your constant compliance manual.


Miscellaneous Fees

This fee is used by RFCE to charge for products or services not  listed in the products catalog as client and RFCE have negotiated. It is not for general use.