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Our 40-hour renewal courses are $225 for 40 hours of LIVE classroom presentations (or $65/day for 10 hours) AND all course material is provided at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Others charge as much as $110 a day!


Initial Courses are just $255! Others charge as much as $399!


Don't get less and pay more!

Call RFCE at

866/257-7323 and register today!


Join us in Dublin for St. Patrick's Day, 2016!

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Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly

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RNs and LVNs

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Nursing Home Administrator Program

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Resources For Continuing Education, Inc. is owned and operated by Michael S. Goryan, MA. Since 2000, Mike has educated, defended and supported thousands of administrators.


Mike has been in health care for over 40 years. He has a masters degree in marketing and business, studied law, was the past Executive Director of the Inland Empire Alzheimer's Association, and is the Director of Education and President of RFCE. He teaches RCFE, ARF, BRN and NHAP courses. Mike is a legal expert in RCFE law and regulation, has testified on behalf of facilities, and attends compliance conferences at CCLD. Mike does not teach tradition; he teaches the law first, Title 22 second and NOTHING third! Don't be fooled by other providers of courses, the LAW does not take a back seat to anyone's opinions!


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