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New “pin” from DSS discusses a non-issue: COVID-19

DSS released Provider Information Notice (PIN) 24-04-ASC on June 27 to update facilities about the increase in COVID-19 cases in nursing homes across the country, but not in…

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RFCE is owned and operated by Michael S. Goryan, MA. Since 2000, Mike has educated, defended and supported thousands of adult and elder care administrators against the Department of Social Services. He has been involved in the health care industry for over 50 years. He has a masters degree in marketing and business; studied civil, criminal and contract law in law school; is the former Executive Director of the Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Alzheimer’s Association; and is the Director of Education and President of Resources For Continuing Education, Inc. Mike is a legal expert in the assisted living industry.

Well, that’s the past. Mike has retired to Hickory, North Carolina and is no longer teaching nor offering live or online administrator courses. At this time, Mike is continuing to write new licensing application for RCFEs, produce his informative newsletter, and writes appeals for facilities that have been incorrectly and/or inappropriately cited by the state. He will continue to answer questions from all who need help with basic operations. You can email him or call.

RCFE and ARF caregiver courses are still available at a very low cost.