Mike’s Column

The Forces for Success or Failure in 2018

December 15, 2017

California’s assisted living industry is literally at a critical point—survive or die! The forces determining the industry’s survival or death are minimum wage increases, higher worker’s compensation premiums, liability insurance premiums and the exit of carriers from the state, increased regulations and new laws, rising cost of gasoline and utilities, ineligible employees via the sanctuary state provisions (cannot hire illegals), the push to hire nursing assistants over caregivers, the “medical model” and the push to admit prohibited conditions—I could go on. Can you stand anymore? The licensee must face reality. The true cost of care in California is beyond the

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Take everything except…

December 14, 2017

As we head into a new year, sliding past family gatherings, it’s a great time to reflect upon the future of the assisted living industry. Did the RCFE Reform Act give you pause? It allows facilities to accept feeding tubes, staph and other serious infections, stage 3 and 4 wounds. Why this law? A manager at DSS answered that question and it should not shock you—the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Despite all the controversy currently associated with this federal law, it has forever changed health care in America. Caring for all Americans is great, but the elderly seem to be

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