Mike’s Column

Title 22 Updates Coming in October

DSS has notified us it will release several updates to Title 22 in October 2018. There will be a minor addition to 87102, Description of Forms, (which references an ARF law); revises 87109, Transferability of License, to change a 30-day notice to 60-day notice of change of licensee; revises 87309, Storage Space, requiring medications to be stored separately from food and other supplies; completely revised 87468, Personal Rights, to reflect ALL of the changes made in state law regarding residents’ rights and the “see something, say something poster to be 20×26 (a custom-sized poster); and lastly, 87615, Prohibited Health Conditions,

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DSS releases Title 22 Chapter 10 for ARFs & RCFEs

DSS released a new chapter to Title 22, chapter 10, titled “Temporary Management of Adult Community Care Facilities and Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly.” The purpose is to ensure residents of care facilities do not suffer an abrupt removal from their “home” because the facility license was temporarily suspended by DSS. The regulations, beginning at 89600, will place a “temporary manager” at the facility who will be empowered to hire, fire, make facility improvements, work toward compliance and/or secure a new facility license. DSS may have to front some of the expense money to accomplish its goals, but then

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