Title 22 Updates Coming in October

DSS has notified us it will release several updates to Title 22 in October 2018. There will be a minor addition to 87102, Description of Forms, (which references an ARF law); revises 87109, Transferability of License, to change a 30-day notice to 60-day notice of change of licensee; revises 87309, Storage Space, requiring medications to be stored separately from food and other supplies; completely revised 87468, Personal Rights, to reflect ALL of the changes made in state law regarding residents’ rights and the “see something, say something poster to be 20×26 (a custom-sized poster); and lastly, 87615, Prohibited Health Conditions, will be revised to add “unstageable wounds.” The biggest change is to the Personal Rights section. Otherwise, the other revisions are minor in nature.

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