Art Lover's Dream -- On Sale!!

How do you react when viewing a work of art? When I’m fortunate to be in a museum, I can be in awe or sometimes unimpressed. Something will speak to me in a work of art be it the colors, the subject, the artist, a signature, even a frame. Then again, if it doesn’t strike me as my style of art, I just keeping walking.

The rules of buying art are simple: 1) Purchase what you like. 2) Purchase what you can afford. 3) Purchase quality.

The art presented here may inspire you, and if so, it is being sold at an art lover’s dream price. It is well below gallery prices making your decision to purchase affordable and even awe-inspiring art easy and appealing.

By clicking on the image of the art, you can view the art and read the information about the artist and the piece. All art, with only a rare exception, comes with a certificate of authenticity, framed, matted with acid-free matting, covered with Plexiglas, and because sales tax was paid at the time of purchase, no sales tax. Shipping and handling are included, and all pieces of art are shipped via FedEx.

We are open to a counteroffer which can be given on our Contact Page. We can provide additional photos, too.

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