ARF Caregiver Training – 30 hours – up to 10 staff



If you purchase this package it is good for up to 10 ARF caregivers in need of training. A voucher will be emailed to you to enroll up to 10 caregivers in online training. Please note: each caregiver must create an individual account on this website with an exclusive email address and password to take the courses and have the certificates issued in their name. The voucher is good for 28 hours of caregiver training.

ARF Caregiver Training totaling 28 hours includes

  • Dementia (4 courses for 8 hours)
  • LGBT Cultural Competency (1 hour)
  • TB Training (1 hour)
  • Resident Rights
  • Emergency Preparedness (1 hour)
  • Restricted health conditions (2 hours)
  • Postural Supports/Restraints (1 hour)
  • Medication Training (4 hours)
  • Hospice Care (1 hour)
  • HIV with universal precautions (3 hours)
  • Medical Marijuana and Psychoactive Meds (2 hours)
  • End of Life Care Act (1 hour)
  • Implicit Bias in the Workplace (2 hours)
  • Covid-19 Basics (1 hour)

Title 22 and Health and Safety Code requires caregiver training on many of the subjects including HIV, TB, Emergency Preparedness, Residents Rights, Hospice, and Medications. The above courses assist with fulfilling the laws and regulations for staff training.

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