Covid-19 Bundle: LIC 808, PIN Summary, C-19 Precautions, Mask and Visitation Policies, and Emergency Disaster Plan (buy only one)

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Purchase only ONE as it can be used for multiple facilities. This package includes

  1. The newly required LIC 808 form, completed with updated COVID-19 policies. This is NOT a blank form. It is completed with DSS’ suggested information.
  2. The basic COVID-19 precautions from numerous PINs
  3. The full emergency disaster plan complying with H&S Code 1569.695
  4. The N95 mask policy
  5. Policies on visitations, communal dining, group activities, new admissions and residents returning from outings

The situation is unpredictable, as you are fully aware, and this is a good faith, best effort attempt to meet the new and difficult requirements imposed upon facilities by DSS.

Once ordered, it will be sent via email.

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