Femme Nu by Chimot

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Édouard Chimot (November 1880 – June 1959) was a French-born artist, illustrator and editor whose career reached its peak in 1920s Paris, through his publication of fine quality color-illustrated books. He came to art late in life, age 32, just before WWI. He was an architect and his designs are found in Lille and Paris. He was 39 before he made his mark on the Paris art world. Many of his drawings and etchings were, like this, sensual, and he had a print shop (atelier) in Montmarte. After WWI, he moved into Pierre Auguste Renoir’s studio and published his etchings and illustrated magazines. After the 1929 Wall Street crash, his success quickly fell. Although he was able to still paint and print including several books in which this painting, Femme Nu or Naked Woman.

This is an original engraving (no original painting of it exists), in color, and signed by the artist near her feet. It was executed by Chimot in the atelier of Nadine Guillot in Paris in 1949. It is beautifully framed and matted measuring 15″ x 17″ and the image is 8.5″ x 10.5″. It is extremely rare and no current sales have been recorded of this art.

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