Leonor Fini “Hymne A La Beaute” 1964



Leonor Fini (1907–1996) was born in Argentina, raised by a very independent mother who moved her to Italy to avoid a custody battle. She, like her mother, was rebellious. At age 17 Fini moved to Milan, then  Paris. She met and was influenced by Picasso and Dali, among others, and was as a surrealist painter, designer, illustrator, and author, known for her depictions of powerful women. She had a major exhibition of over 260 works at a 1986 retrospective at the Musee du Luxembourg in Paris. After her death, an exhibition was held at the San Francisco Modern Art Museum titled, “Women, Surrealism and Self-representation.” She illustrated books by Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare. She also loved cats!

This work is very scarce. (No image was available from her website. This is a photo of it so forgive the glare.) It is titled “Hymn to Beauty,” possible named after the poem by Charles Baudelaire. The image is 12 x 17, framed and matted and covered in plexiglass. It is a first state, first edition, original color lithograph (no painting exists). Again, very scarce!

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