Chagall, Marc “Ruth and Boaz” or “Meeting of Ruth and Boaz”

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Marc Chagall met the famous French art dealer Amboise Vollard, who also sold art for Renoir and so many others. Chagall illustrated the Bible, especially the Old Testament, and other books, many such illustrations won him acclaim, awards and a place in French art history. He exhibited 100 paintings in New York but did not appear in person. Instead, he worked on his “techniques.”

A trip to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem immersed him in “the history of the Jews, their trials, prophecies and disasters,” he said. It was thought to be a risk for Chagall having reached acclaim not being “religious.” He visited Amsterdam where he worked on his Bible paintings often walking the streets of the Jewish quarter in Amsterdam. He said, “I did not see the Bible, I dreamed it. Ever since early childhood, I have been captivated by the Bible. It has always seemed to me and still seems today the greatest source of poetry of all time.”

His art dealer Vollard died in 1939, the beginning of WWII and Chagall had completed about two-thirds of his Bible illustrations. It took another 17 years to complete and was then published by Edition Teriade. Chagall was hailed once again as the 20th century’s most important graphic artists.

This is a Chagall catalog reference piece, number 247. It is in a very heavy, ornate and archival frame measuring 24″ x 27.5″. The image in full color is 10.25″ x 14″ and is an original lithograph printed by the Mourlot Brothers in Paris in 1960. It is a very scarce painting. Grab it.

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