Chagall, Marc “Snaring Birds” or “The Bird Chase”

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Bob Dylan once said that “passion is a young man’s game,” but over 60 years ago, at the age of 55, famed artist Marc Chagall illustrated one of the greatest young love stories of all time—the Greek legend of Daphnis and Chloé by Greek poet Longus. Considered one of the quintessential artists of the 20th century, Chagall defined a new generation of figurative artists by envisioning optimism, empathy, and resolve within his work. Those qualities permeate his passionate depictions of the two Greek lovers, which perfectly capture the fiery longing of a new romance. Amazingly, the project originated as the artist was preparing for his own second honeymoon.

From 1952, Chagall spent the next nine years creating 42 color lithographs conveying the famous love story, using his honeymoon locations of Delphi, Athens, and Poros, Greece as his inspiration.

The story of Daphnis and Chloé recounts the journey of two soulmates who begin life as orphans on the Greek Isle of Lesbos. Raised by local farmers and shepherds, the two orphans grow up together, tending to their adopted parents’ livestock. As they mature, Daphnis and Chloé fall in love, but struggle to understand their new romantic feelings. Throughout the twisting path to their eventual marriage, Chloé is besieged by other suitors, many of whom attempt to abduct her. She is eventually kidnapped and taken to a nearby city where she is saved by the god Pan.

Daphnis is also abducted—finding himself captured by pirates and facing numerous trials on his way back to his true love. In the end, the couple is reunited and both discover their true parentage. Their story ends happily with the soulmates married and living together in the Greek countryside. Chagall’s whimsical rendition of Longus’ romantic adventure is heightened by his expressive use of color in each image. The process of lithography requires a complex layering of colors to produce a finished image. In Chagall’s Daphnis and Chloé suite, 20 to 25 different colors were used for each individual image, requiring a great deal of time and precision to produce the final image.

OK. Romantic and filled with symbolism, this 7-color lithograph is a sizable work, fully framed and matted. It is in the Chagall reference catalog. number 329, printed by George Braziller of New York, during Chagall’s lifetime. It is 28″ x 22″ and the image is 12.5″ x 19″. It has a notable crease in the middle making it authentic as the entire portfolio of Daphnis and Chloe was sold in a complete set of 105 images, folded in the middle. This is an authentic Chagall portfolio.

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