Durer, Albrecht The Angel Appearing to St. Joachim by Albrecht Durer

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Albrecht Durer, 1471 – 1528, was a German painter, print maker and theorist during the German Renaissance. He was born in Nuremberg where his exclusive home stands as a Durer Museum. In his early 20s, his woodcut prints, as seen here, where influential across Europe.  He knew and worked with Raphael, Bellini and Leonardo da Vinci. He received funding from Emperor Maximilian and the Lutheran and Episcopal church commemorate his works. The majority of his works are engravings but also did watercolor portraits. His technique on perspective and ideal proportions are still used today by classical artists.

Although an angel visiting the Virgin Mary’s mother (Anne) and father (Joaquim) is not Biblical, it is referenced in the apocryphal book of James. “At the Great Feast of the Lord, the High Priest had refused Joachim’s gifts because he had no children. Whilst he prays in the fields, an angel flies down to Joachim to tell him his marriage will be blessed with the birth of a daughter, to be called Mary.”

This image is an “after” meaning it was printed well after Durer’s death, but it is fully a Durer piece attested by the monogram Durer placed in all of his woodblock prints (in the bottom right corner of this piece). This is an extremely rare woodcut, around 1850, and is full framed and matted. The image size is 8″ x 11.5″ and the frame is 24″ x 27″ and has some minor wear that does not detract from the art.

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