Refund Policy

RFCE incurs credit card charges by its credit card processing company on each transaction, and refunding fees for duplicating courses or making a mistake is no different. The fee can be as much as 5% of the charge. Please make your selections carefully and read the description of items before ordering.

Any online renewal course fee is refundable up to 45 days of payment less a 5% transaction fee. If the course was completed, no refund will be provided. The course fee must be refunded to the identical card used to pay the initial fee. This policy is necessitated by a contractual agreement with RFCEs credit card company and by corporate policies.

Fees paid for the initial course are not refundable, but a student may take the course up to twelve (12) months from date of payment for the course. Other materials or courses may also be opted to receive if the initial course is not taken.

Fees paid for the Part A and/or Part B are not refundable once the prospective applicant’s check is processed, credit card is processed and/or materials are mailed or emailed to prospective applicant. If applicant does not wish to pursue the application, the fee can be used to take an online RFCE course.

Fees paid for the Plan of Operation and other materials are not refundable.