NHAP Membership

Resources For Continuing Education, Inc is a continuing education provider with California Department of Social Services, 1625. The online courses below carry NHAP credit.

Please read before you purchase. Only register yourself. Certificates are issued in the name of the purchaser.

RFCE is not and cannot be responsible for internet interruptions, internet traffic, device malfunctions, device’s dated technology, low battery or attendee’s competency with the viewing device. We do recommend using GOOGLE CHROME or similar UPDATED browser. Please PURGE CACHE before starting the course.

We have made the online process easy to maneuver, but a few ground rules. When you purchase a course, it appears in your account under MY COURSES. Take the course, and always MARK COMPLETE at the end of each segment. Once finished with the course, go back to your account. Your certificate of completion will be in MY CERTIFICATES. Print these out and submit with your renewal.

Each individual taking an online must register separate from others, create a unique, separate account with a personal email and password. Certificates are issued under the name of the person taking the course.

Certificates are issued in the name of the individual who has an account on our website. Each student taking any and all online courses must create an individual account — distinct email, user name and password — so a certificate of completion can be issued in the name of the individual taking and completing the course. When creating your individual account, a different email and name must be used. 

If you have an operating issue of any course, 1) Log out of your account. 2) Wait a few minutes as the course will reset. 3) Make sure you always “Mark Complete” after each segment. 4) If the above steps do not resolve the problem, do not retake or attempt to retake a course. Email the website administrator at Mike@rfce4you.com. You can start another course in the meantime. The administrator will get back to you as soon as possible.