ARF Administrator Online Renewal Courses

Mike’s ARF administrator courses will no longer be available on May 31. All courses purchased prior to May 1 must be completed by August 10, 2024.

ARF administrators may take up to 20 hours of ONLINE renewal courses. We offer a “bundle of 20 hours” at a reduced rate, or you can pick and choose the courses you wish to take.

We no longer teach live or live streaming courses. 

DSS does require at least FOUR hours of laws and regulations, at least three hours of HIV, and at least one hour of TB. These courses are included in the bundle.

RFCE is not responsible for the reliability of the internet, the user’s device, power failures, low battery malfunctions, or viewer’s competency in taking courses. If you have an operating issue of any course:

  1. Log out of your account.
  2. Wait a few minutes as the course resets.
  3. Using only Google Chrome as your web browser, log back into your account and restart the course.
  4. Make sure you always “Mark Complete” after each segment.
  5. If the above steps do not resolve the problem, do not retake or attempt to retake a course. Email the website administrator at
  6. You can start another course in the meantime. The administrator will get back to you as soon as possible.

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