Covid-19 Mitigation Plan LIC808 with Visitation Policies (buy only ONE)



If you are the licensee of more than ONE facility, only order ONE. You can use it for all of your facilities by completing the licensee information.

  1. A fully completed LIC 808, except facility-specific information, totaling 27-pages, regarding the facility’s efforts to prevent the infection of residents and staff and/or the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the facility. This is NOT a blank form. It is completed by Mike and Robin with updated Covid-19 policies and procedures for facilities. This includes adding information about protecting residents with dementia.
  2. An N95 mask policy
  3. The recently released PIN on visitations, communal dining, new admissions, group activities, and resident outings.
  4. A summary of previously issued PINs is also included.

The situation is unpredictable, and this is a good faith, best effort attempt to meet the new and difficult requirements imposed upon facilities by DSS. Once ordered, it will be sent via email.

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