What will happen in 2020?

The New Year. I think everyone, optimists and pessimists alike, have an opinion about it, but really don’t have a clue what to expect. What we do know is, at least for RCFEs in California, there will be higher operating costs. Minimum wage increases in January to $12.00/hour for smaller employers, but in Los Angeles County, it will be $14.25/hour in July. (Employers with 26 or more always pay more.) San Diego city will pay $13.00. With higher wages, come increases in workers compensation and payroll taxes. We know Governor Newsom signed nearly 1,000 bills into law in 2019 most taking effect January 1. A quick review did not find any damaging provisions to the elder care industry, but there is that ridiculous law on centrally storing residents’ guns when brought into facilities.

What changes will DSS undergo? There have been promotions and new hires that have already had an impact on DSS and facilities—time alone will determine if these will have a positive impact. What new DSS regulations will be forthcoming in 2020?

Whatever the future brings, remember it is about caring for the most vulnerable, our elderly. It’s about treating them with love and respect. It’s about treating our staff fairly and affording them respect. Burnout among caregivers is increasing. (A resident was murdered a few weeks ago by a caregiver.)

Compliance is always mandated. Know the laws and obey those laws.