When should/must an administrator be in the facility?

Several recent substantiated citations show a tremendous lack of supervision and oversight by licensees and/or administrators. Although Title 22 does not have an exact, required number of hours for management to be present in the facility, it does appear some have taken this “lack of clarity” as a ticket to just NOT be present at all. Hence, the lack of supervision does not always mean insufficient staff. In fact, some recent citations were for “absence of staff.” On duty staff had run errands and left the facility unattended.

We encounter individuals who are the licensee and/or the administrator but have full-time jobs. IF they do get to their facility, it’s after business hours and perhaps are just checking to see if the house isn’t on fire…yet! So, who is answering the facility’s phone? Is it staff with some communication limitations? If Licensing shows up, is staff competent to effectively communicate to analysts? Are families wanting to see licensee or administrator, but that person is never around?


A Los Angeles County RCFE was found “guilty” of tying up residents—and facility staff had pictures! Staff was dispensing meds but not trained, clients were locked into their rooms to prevent wandering, clients were eating their diapers, and staff placed wooden slats into the wheels to prevent the wheelchairs from moving.

Where was management? Did this happen at night? No, during the day shift!

DSS is now supposed to honor a law mandating annual facility visits, and DSS has a new inspection tool it is supposed to be using this year to do “comprehensive visits.” If licensees and administrators are not around, how will these visits go? LPAs talking to caregivers instead of management?