SSI Rates Increase Nine Percent but Still Woefully Low

It is predicted the 2023 SSI/SSP rates are going up more than its traditional one percent. The rates will increase 9.1% to $1324.82. If a person is eligible, there is an additional $20 from Social Security retirement or disability.
          Given California’s substantial push to place into assisted living facilities the homeless, infirm prisoners, and the mentally ill, the new SSI rates are woefully low and insufficient for facilities to keep pace with California’s inflation, the third highest in the nation. It hinders facilities from paying the newly declared minimum wage of $15.50 (and some cities and counties require $17/hr. or more), higher worker’s compensation rates based upon those higher wages, higher food costs, the highest price for gasoline in the nation, increasing utility costs, and the list goes on.
          What is California’s leadership thinking? Could it make a law mandating ALL facilities accept SSI or admit a homeless resident? Could the state make ALL facilities apply for the assisted living waiver when the federal government limits the number of enrollees?
          The state is able to do whatever it wants without logical restrictions, and facility owners close, tolerate it, or move out of the state. The number of RCFEs in California dropped by over 120 from July 2021 – June 2022. Was that only because the consequences of COVID-19?
          Obviously, the election is over, but what did the electorate of California do to its assisted living industry? Is there anyone in Sacramento who gets the challenges facing facility operators? Is there anyone who cares?
The new SSI rates for RCFEs will be room and board, $646.82; care and supervision, $678; and personal and incidental needs, $168.