DSS’ new comprehensive visit tool…why?

DSS has a “comprehensive visit (inspection) tool.” It is 63 pages of Title 22 and Health and Safety Code quotations. Inspection areas include physical plant, maintenance and operation, plan of operation, dementia, bedridden, fire clearance, staffing, admission agreement, and criminal record clearance, but by merely quoting laws and regs, there remains no deterrent to an analyst from enforcing personal opinions. One unenforceable provision in the “tool” is the quarterly fire and earthquake drills, but that is ONLY for facilities with delayed egress doors, yet DSS has been enforcing this upon all facilities claiming facilities with dementia clients are required to do these drills. When an analyst comes to your facility, grab your own “tool,” our manual, and make sure you are both on the same page.

This tool was a wasted effort. Title 22 and Health and Safety Code already exist and quoting it in some “tool” was not needed.